Choose Your Look

Ceramic braces
Made of a translucent tooth colored material, these are the most popular among adult patients. They are difficult to see unless you are very near the patient's teeth. However, the brackets are more fragile and the elastic ties can become discolored between appointments.
Silver braces
Traditional Silver
These are the most common type of braces. Made of nickel-free high-grade steel, they are much smaller and more comfortable than those in the past. We offer a variety of colored elastics which may be changed at most appointments.
Lingual braces
Lingual braces are placed on the rear of your teeth, hiding the majority of the metal parts. They are virtually invisible from the front, making them an excellent option for patients who wish to avoid the highly-visible traditional braces. Lingual Braces can realign your teeth just as effectively as traditional braces but without the aesthetic worries.
Invisalign invisible braces
Invisalign ®
The Invisalign System for adults is a series of clear, removable templates that fit over the teeth. Generated by computer simulation, they gradually move the teeth for the correction of some bite problems.

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